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Clients worldwide rely on our professional shipping operation reduce the time and cost it takes to improve their business.

About Supertrans

Your reliable shipping partner in China

Supertrans Logistics CO., Limited, as an international logistics and freight forwarding service provider established in 2002 by a team of professionals who are delicated and sincere to responding promptly to customer demands. We are devoting to offer perfect, integrated and customized international freight forwarding services for all kind of clients,from large to small companies, as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations, individuals and families. With our experienced staff and professional handling team, every single shipment can be shipped from China to its destination in perfect condition.

Supertrans Logistics offers a comprehensive range of international shipping/logistics services that are customized to meet the needs and demands from our clients, including air freight, ocean/sea freight, road freight, courier express service, warehouse and storage, customs clearance etc. We win clients' trust and business from all over the world to be their preferred freight forwarding service provider basic on the strict service principle of efficiency, preciseness and flexibility. "Excellence,profession" is what we pursue in our business. We do more than transportation, but also better for that you gain more!

Our Headquarter is located in Shenzhen. Affiliated branches/agents cover almost all main cities/seaports in China, including Hong Kong, Macao, Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou etc. We strive to move your cargo to any worldwide destination safely and timely at reasonable rates.

Supertrans Logistics is still young but developing at a fast pace. Being a reputed and reliable international freight forwarding company, we will keep pursuing world-class service for every customer.

Corporation Qualifications:

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Your Trusted China Freight Forwarder

We woulk like to handle your shipments by sea or by air from China at our best freight rate with professional handling.

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To get a quote or arrange a shipment, please simply complete our quote form. Alternatively, email to, or directly call James on: +86-755-82427324, or Whatsapp: +86-13590342071 . We'll be pleased to discuss your needs and advise you on what is best for you.