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How to Get an Employment Work Permit and Visa in Shenzhen, China?

Chinese government welcomes those foreign investors, high-level administrators and technical staff to work in china. And the normal vacancies are not offered to foreigners. So the foreigners who intend to work here shall have more than 2 years relevant work experience and relevant educational background.

Foreigners shall match the normal requirement of employment in law, such as 1) 18-60 age for male and 18-55 age for female; 2) be in good health; 3) no criminal record; 4) definitive employer;4) Valid passport.

These are the procedures for applying for work in china

  • 1. Before the employee entering china, the employer should apply for Employment License first in municipa / Labor and Social Security Bureau Reception Center of Employment Affairs of Foreigners.
  • 2. The employer shall apply a letter of Z visa notification go through formalities.
  • 3. The employer shall mail the document above and original Employment License to the employee oversea.
  • 4. The employee shall apply forthwith for Z vise at Chinese embassy/consulate/Vise office in Employee’ nation with a letter of Z visa notification and original Employment License, and other required document of government within 30 days from date of the letter issue.
  • 5. After entering China with Z Visa, the employee shall make Physical examination at Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
  • 6. If passing the Physical examination, the employer shall apply for the Employment Permit.
  • 7. Registrant temporary residence in Police Station where the employee Resident.
  • 8. Finally the foreigner shall go through formalities for the residence permit at Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau within 30 days from date of entrance.

Legal Ground

Rules for the Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China:"the entry-exit for foreigners the People's Republic of China” and “the administrative regulations for foreigners’employment in China”.

Kindly Notes:

  • 1. Employer shall apply a transaction card from municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau Reception Center of Employment Affairs of Foreigners in advance. And any action of employment shall run with the card.
  • 2. Normally the government only approves the Foreigner as a senior manager.
  • 3. Employee shall apply Residence permit within 30 days from date of entrance, or the employee have to departure and entrance again.

Documents required for Employment License

  • 1. Application form for foreigners’ employment in China.
  • 2. Copy of business license AND registration certificate, copy of code certificate, copy of certificate of approval (for those foreign-invested companies only).
  • 3. Complete resume of the applicant which shall write in Chinese and sealed by employer. And the resume should match requirement of Chinese government.
  • 4. The credentials or qualifications of the applicant required by the performance of the job (which could be reference letters or diplomas).
  • 5. Copy of passport.

Documents required for applying for residents' letter of Z visa

  • 1. Copy of registration certificate (sealed by employer).
  • 2. Original of Employment License and Copy of Employment License pros and cons.
  • 3. Fill in the Application form on line,print and sealed by employer.
  • 4. Copy of passport.

Documents required for Physical verification

  • 1. A valid original passport or travel document, and photocopies of the photo-page, expiry-date-page and info.-update-page of your passport or travel document
  • 2. Four recent 2-inch photos (full face without hat)
  • 3. Copy of company’s registration certificate
  • 4. Original physical examination records issued by overseas medical institutions(done within last 6 months).

Documents required for Employment Permit

  • 1. Two employment registration forms for foreign employees in China.
  • 2. Original alien employment license .
  • 3. Copy of employment contract. if the employer is representative, shall provide original of representative certificate and copy.
  • 4. A valid original passport or travel document, and copies of the photo-page, expiry-date-page , info.-update-page of your passport and number of passport or travel document (visa included).
  • 5. Copy of health certificate.
  • 6. Three recent 2-inch photos (full face without hat)

Documents required for Residence Permit

  • 1. Submitting the Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit Application Form completely filled up and one recent 2-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-faced photograph;
  • 2. The original of the certificate of check-in in Shenzhen (issued by the hotel or the police substation of the area where the lodging takes place);
  • 3. The originals of the valid passport and visa;
  • 4. The original of the Health Certificate issued by Shenzhen health quarantine department;
  • 5. The official letter of application of the unit;
  • 6. The original and the copy of the Certificate of Approval of Enterprise, the Duplicate of Business License or the Representative Agency Registration Certificate and the organization code;
  • 7. Persons from the general manager down (or F-type persons holding the Shenzhen Residence Card B) should submit the originals of the Employment Credential and the Employment Registration Form; the vice president should submit the original of the Identity Confirmation Certificate issued by Shenzhen Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission; the foreign expert should submit the original of the Expert Certificate; the resident correspondent should submit the original of the Press Card; the person engaged in commercialized theatrical performance needs to submit the originals of the official document approving the performance by the Ministry of Culture or Shenzhen Cultural Bureau and the Performance Credential issued by Shenzhen Cultural Bureau; the person engaged in offshore petroleum operations should submit the Work Permit for Foreign Personnel Engaged in the Offshore Petroleum Operations.

** The form(s) must be filled in Chinese.

** If the applicant provides any document written in foreign languages, a Chinese version (printed and chopped by employer) is required as an attachment to the original one.

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